Eggs and cars

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Eggs and cars
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Eggs and cars is a driving game in introduce a new gameplay that will surely bring the best experience to the players.

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Welcome you to fun typing games named Eggs and cars. A game introduces a new gameplay that will surely bring the best experience to the players. During the game, you will be a travel mate with a car and a giant egg at the top. Your mission here is to balance the egg and move as far as possible. There are many cars and trucks hidden incredibly is waiting to be unlocked. Only is given a car for free, the others require that the players obtain certain achievements to be enjoyed. The egg is easily breakable so that the players must have ingenious skills not to fall before reaching the goal. In general, this game is a good choice in typing games for relaxing in free time. Without a doubt, just try it and enjoy right now. This game will not make you disappoint with security. Good luck and have fun!

Features eggs and cars:

  • Splendid graphics style.
  • Smooth animation and realistic sound.
  • Many cars and trucks.
  • Game HTML5 free-to-play.
  • Easy to control the game.
  • This game has ranking tables to register the achievement.
  • Compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, Android and all desktop browsers.

How to play the game:

  • In the computer, use the mouse to play the game.
  • On mobile, tap the screen to play.
  • Use the arrow keys or tap left or right to move the car.
  • Try to reach the goal and do not drop the egg.
  • Collect coins and get the achievement to unlock new cars.

Some screenshots from:

eggs and cars

eggs and cars

eggs and cars

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Eggs and cars
5 (100%) 4 votes

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