Kyboard Brazil – Kyboard Brazil free – play Kyboard Brazil online

Kyboard Brazil – Kyboard Brazil free – play Kyboard Brazil online
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Kyboard Brazil – Kyboard Brazil free – play Kyboard Brazil online. King announced Ball Room Dance will be held for a few days, where the royal princess will choose her charming prince. As aristocratic princes from around the world begin to come to the games for girls online are anxious and want to look the best. As a royal tailor, it is your task to make the most amazing costume for the star princess to make her look like a barbie princess in a fairy tale. Time to get busy with the fashion design skills that you have!

  • Create and combine lots of trendy designs in this great game Kyboard Brazil.
  • Match the colors and choose your favorite outfit. Become a true Couturier.
  • Choose fabric prints and patterns with designs and more
  • Bring your creative soul.

Add lanyards, clothes, bags, flowers, belts, buckles, buttons, badges and hundreds of other add-ons to create

Kyboard Brazil spectacular skirts.

Complete the makeover by adding Hats, Shoes, Stickers & Accessories, Capture and share Royal costumes with Kingdom.

Choose from three star characters and choose the one you think is the best. Choose fabric material and perfect clothes design for a perfect makeover in this fun girl game Kyboard Brazil. A lot of clothes that are not decorated with different colors will be given to you. Pick your scissors and get ready to make some great designs for her makeover. Cut along the line to make the final fashion shirt or skirt in your store. Put your star in the way you want. Pick where you want to put the buttons and use the needle to even sew them. If this is not enough for you, decorate and design the shirt of your dreams, with various laces, buttons, pockets, belts and stickers. Choose from the nice gadgets to make your clothes cooler in your store.

This matching girl game Kyboard Brazil has a complete testing room and a partial outfit in a shop where princesses in your dreams can try out the clothes. Many accessories will appear this time and you can choose from hats, mustaches, tiaras, turbans and shoes.


– Choose from no shirt and pants
– Cut scene: Cut your shirt and pants by scissors and change the way you want and try different styles in your garment shop.
– Stitch and sew your designer clothing with fabulous sewing machines at the royal garment shop.
– Design your outfit. Choose from various decorations for your shirt and pants: lace, buttons, bags, belts, stickers and various patterns for your makeover in this girl dress up game.

Kyboard Brazil – Kyboard Brazil free – play Kyboard Brazil online
5 (100%) 1 vote

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