The Troopers: Special Forces for adroid

The Troopers: Special Forces for adroid
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The Troopers: Special Forces for adroid. Turn based tactical shooter in the context of war. Lead a cool mercenary brigade, ready to do everything to defeat the criminally sinister group in the world. These little warriors absolutely listen to your orders: upgrade, upgrade weapons, train them with new fighting techniques, and track their physical and mental health.


Characteristics of the The Troopers:

  • Countless warriors, from the weakest and most agile soldiers, to the really good fighters. Each soldier has his own skills and tactics, choose to bring them into battle appropriately!
  • Easy to learn and interesting military strategies and tactical depth. Even the kid knows how to use the game interface so you do not have to spend a lot of time learning it.
  • Fight training. Train your soldiers; Increase your defense, increase your health or increase your damage with the same amount of power.
  • Equipment. The game has a wide selection of equipment, such as: armor, gloves, various armor levels, belts, boots and many more!
  • Cute graphics and lovely music are created individually. Suitable for many ages and can be played on older machines.
  • The joke of the soldiers and the atmosphere of fun comfortable. These soldiers like to joke and like to fight. Do not miss their interesting jokes.

Get a team of the bravest warriors – The Troopers!

A unit that includes all the fun taskers without the commander, just like the bomb exploded slowly. Up to 90 combatants are ready for you to command. High quality camouflage, awesome weapons, great skills and so much more.

You can recognize some soldiers if you are familiar with Pocket Troops. As powerful as a bear, Soviet Union commandos love to dabble in their heavy machine guns and are willing to clear the battlefield. The action scouts can not stop, ready to fire grenades on the enemy. The monster assassins and machine gunners are screaming, the sniper is calm and the special attacking forces are extremely crazy.

Commander, you have a tactical battle force that can not stop you. Decide who fits your strategy. Do not forget to give these boys training and promotion to brave defenders.

Entering the battle against the Vulnerable Group – The Troopers

Give your special forces armor to enter exciting adventures. Chase the ruthless enemies, explore the beautiful maps and defeat the bosses.

Turn down the jungle and mountain ranges to go to the secret hideout of Group V, bringing your best fighters to China and the United States. Only your brave corps can guarantee that no one will make a bomb.

Attack the enemy. Attack friends. Attack anything that moves

Inventory and develop arsenal to defeat ruthless opponents and rise to the top. There is no tolerance on the PvP Arena. The key to success? Choose the right strategy for each opponent. Strengthen your special forces!

There are no rules in the Silver, Gold and Alpha Arena, only the most skillful soldiers and warriors. Let’s see who the real Lead is!

The Troopers: Special Forces for adroid
5 (100%) 1 vote

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